HRO-600 Specifications


FREQUENCY COVERAGE: 16 kHz to 30 MHz in thirty 1-MHz bands.

RECEPTION MODES: A0, A1, A2, A3, A3a, A3j, A3h (AM, CW, MCW, SSB), Ft (FSK) with optional Type 650 FSK Converter of external audio equipment, F4 (FAX) with external audio equipment.

FREQUENCY CONTROL: By synthesis of first injection (in 1-MHz bands) and VFO continous tuning. Fixed-frequency crystal control or full synthesis options available.

FREQUENCY STABILITY WITH TYPE 601 PLUG-IN UNIT: Versus temperature--drift less than 1000 Hz from 0C to +50C. Versus time--less than +or- 20 Hz change in 15 minutes after 30-minute warm-up period. Versus line-voltage change--less than +or- 20 Hz change for +or- 15-percent line-voltage change.

FREQUENCY STABILITY WITH TYPE 602: Versus temperature from 0C to +50C--less than +or- 1 PPM. Versus time--less than 1 PPM per year.

TUNING ACCURACY: +or- 50 Hz (Type 601 Plug-In Unit; + or - 10 Hz for Type 602) after frequency standard calibration.

BFO: Tunable +or- 3 kHz for A1 mode; synthesized for SSB operation.

SENSITIVITY: 0.375/uV for 10 dB (S + N)/N ratio in 2.4 kHz bandwidth (approximately 12 dB noise figure) uV with antenna input protection circuits bypassed.

RF INPUT IMPEDANCE: 50 ohms, unblanced, or high-Z, as selected by front-panel pushbuttons.

SPURIOUS RESPONSES: Image rejection >90 dB; i-f rejection >90 dB; secondary image rejection >90 dB

AGC MERIT: Less than 10 dB output-level change for input-level change from 3uV to .05 volt.

AGC TIME CONSTANT: Selectable at front panel. FAST (100 msec decay), MED (500 msec decay), SLOW (2 sec decay). Attack time constant approximately 15 msec.

AUDIO OUTPUTS: Speaker output-1 watt at less than 10-percent distortion; Line output - 600-ohm impedance level at +or- 0 dBm, with less than 2.5-percent distortion.

AUDIO FREQUENCY RESPONSE: Flat within 3 dB from 200 Hz to 4.5 kHz.

RF SELECTIVITY: Tunable preselector.

IN-BAND INTERMODULATION: The in-band products produced by two 100 mV tones are nominally more than 40 dB down at the audio terminals at a line output level of 0 dBm.

BLOCKING: A 0.05 signal will cause less than a 3 dB drop in output, when spaced 5 kHz away from a 500/.zV desired signal.

CROSS-MODULATION: A 15 mV signal will generate a cross-modulation product, which will be more than 30 dB below the desired output of 500uV signal at a spacing of 10 kHz.

FRONT END INTERMODULATION: Any two O.05V at frequencies to produce I M products (one signal may be 30 kHz from desired frequency), will not produce an output equal to that caused by a desired 15uV signal.

PROTECTION FROM EXCESSIVE RF VOLTAGE ON ANTENNA: Withstands 15V for 15 minutes without damage.

SIZE: 51/4" (13.3 mm) H x 17" (43.2 ram) W x 151/2" (38.6 mm) D. Weight < 40 lbs. Capable of being rack mounted.


HUMIDITY: To 95 percent.

SHOCK: Test Condition A of MIL-STD-202, Method 205 (15G).