Jim and Carole Garland

Jim and Carole Garland's Family Photos



Carole in Taos

Carole at a cool little park in Taos, New Mexico..

Son Jim junior and friend

Guess who dropped by the office? That's our son, Jim junior, at his law office in Washington.

Jim and Bo

Cookout with Miami alums

Here's Jim at a Miami University football game with legendary coach Bo Schembechler.

Miami University alumni are everywhere. Here's a cookout we hosted in June 2007 for Miami grads from Santa Fe and Albuquerque..


Jim on ATV on Montana mountaintop

Santa Fe Sunset

Carole took this photo of Jim on a mountaintop in southern Montana in summer of 1999


Santa Fe has spectacular sunsets. This one, from June 2007, is the view from our back yard



Courtyard Garden

Courtyard Garden

Carole is an avid gardener, as you can see from this early summer snapshot of our front courtyard. Jim's ham radio "shack" is the building on the right.

Another garden photo taken in our front courtyard. The stone fountain on the right was a retirement gift to Jim from Miami University..

Kepler at 9 weeks

Solar Array

Here's Kepler, our yellow lab at 9 weeks, born in June 1998. Kepler is no longer with us but is dearly remembered. He lived a happy life.

This solar array provides 7,360 Watts of pollution-free electricity, which meets all the electrical needs of our home. .


This is Newton, our 90 lb Labradoodle, who joined our family in April 2007.

Steam Locomotive from "Appaloosa"

Here's an 1865 steam locomotive from the film "Appaloosa," filmed next to our home in October 2007. Santa Fe has a large movie industry, and is known locally as "Tomalewood".

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Carole and Mai-Tai

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Galapagos Tortoise