Order Parts for the EZ-Tuner
As a service to builders, I'm making available blank EZ-Tuner printed circuits boards. If you know any good sources for other hard-to-find parts for the EZ-Tuner, please post the info on the EZ-Tuner bulletin board. Note that some sources are also listed on the downloadable parts list.
Note added 04/29/05: Sorry, but I'm now sold out of stepper motor driver boards and only have microcontroller boards left to sell ($12/ea). Pse email me if you want one. Thanks!- Jim W8ZR

Kit Descriptions
Kit No. Price
SOLD OUT $33 1 - microcontroller circuit board
2 -stepper motor circuit boards
2-ULN2069B 1.5A quad darl. ICs
Contains the 3 (blank) circuit boards required to build the tuner described in QST. Builder will need to find a two-wire rotary stepping solenoid to turn the inductor switch.
SOLD OUT $44 1 - microcontroller circuit board
3-stepper motor circuit boards
3-ULN2069B 1.5A quad darl. ICs
Includes contents of Kit 1 plus a 3rd stepper motor board, for builders who want to use a stepper motor to turn the inductor switch.
3 --- ----- ----Sorry, sold out----
4 --- ----- ----Sorry, sold out ----
Circuit Board Descriptions (not sold individually)
Microcontroller Circuit Board
Double-sided 3"x5" circuit board, FR-4 fiberglass, tinned & plated traces, with green solder masks and white silk-screened legend. These are very high quality circuit boards.
Stepper Motor Circuit Board
---------same as above---------
How to Order:

(1) Email me at w8zr@arrl.net and tell me whether you want a microcontroller board. Be sure and include your full name and shipping address. I'll confirm your order by email.

(2) Send payment either by PayPal (preferred) or by money order. Send the money order to my address in QRZ. (I'll also include my address in the confirming email.)

(3) The above prices include shipping to USA only. If you're an overseas ham, please add an additional $5.